Wireless usb mouse not working mac

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How to Troubleshoot Mouse Problems on a Mac Computer | It Still Works

Brought to you by Techwalla. Items you will need Mac running OS X About the Author Bennett Gavrish is an I. Photo Credits. For mice with power switches, try cycling the power. Turn the mouse off, wait ten seconds, and turn the mouse back on.

That will refresh the wireless connection and give a wireless mouse the opportunity to establish a more stable communication channel. If your mouse uses a USB receiver, like most Logitech mice, make sure the receiver is physically close to the mouse. Sometimes this even varies dramatically within the same mouse manufacturer and model. Try turning off other nearby wireless devices. Depending on the wireless band your device uses, you might be encountering destructive interference. While some mice work on the relatively empty 27 MHz band, other mice are on the extremely-crowded 2. If nothing helps, try a different receiver as well.

Force the connection to reset by either removing the USB receiver or toggling Bluetooth on and off, depending on how your mouse connects to your Mac. You can also refresh the connection by restarting your Mac. Almost all mice use some sort of computer-side configuration utility to manage things like button assignment and scrolling features. Logitech uses either Logitech Options or Logitech Gaming, depending on the model of mouse.

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Regardless of the software, you can try removing your mouse from the configuration utility, restarting the Mac, and then adding the mouse back again. All mice are compatible with macOS, but not all software runs on macOS.

Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard not Connecting? Easy Fix Tutorial!

I figured you might need to be registered with prolific so I tried but they're not accepting new members. I was using GE optical mouse with my MacBook pro. I figured out it started getting detected, when I removed the power supply to my latptop and let it just run on batter power. At this time my mac battery was fully charged.

2. Try a different surface

I had a similar issue. Also check the mouse works with another computer , and that it works on the same table surface. I had this issue, why i landed on this page, i had tried a few of the suggestions, such as turning off my mac etc I've only been on OS X for 2 days!

Your mouse or keyboard intermittently stops responding

So I am pretty new. Basically my mouse isn't having any movement effect at all and I don't know why? I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles with your new mac. Hopefully this'll help! You could also be using an under voltage USB port so try another port. Hi blackbox you may want to go to system preferences and then select mouse.

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  7. Have you tried running disk utility from your OSX install disk? What brand of mouse and model? What data is USB prober listing? If you run console can you see any errors reported by the mouse or any other program running? Hi dioioib, I'm having the same problem on my macbook pro os x The mouse lights red when I plug it in so it has power.

    Mac not detecting USB mouse

    You need a developer account to download. Here you go. Is this mouse connected to an external hub or is the hub listed the root hub in the Mac Pro? Not sure.

    Tweaking Basic Mouse Settings

    I have had issues with pointing devices being connected through external hubs before. Please try installing this driver and let me know if it works. If could get some more information about the device by going into Terminal type: For instance I have additional devices listed as follows: Bluetooth-Modem tty.

    1. Check the mouse’s batteries

    I have a few hits for the tty. Here you go, no membership is required. Repairing disk permissions solved my mouse problem, plus a couple others

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