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Are you using Quicktime Player for Windows? Yes, Quicktime Player v7, standard, not pro. As a start you might try uninstalling QT and downloading and installing a fresh copy. Start Today! I also tried changing the audio settings and had no luck there either. Any ideas? LVL 6. GrnPhoenix Commented: Try downloading VLC at the link below: Happy computing! Thanks for the link. I downloaded and installed the app, but unfortunately I am getting the same thing. Can you change the format in Quicktime using a pop up box in the save screen?

That format will run on just about anything. uses cookies.

Are you using Quicktime Pro? Apple has a Quicktime Module for changing format to mpeg- 2 that will also run on almost any browser and movie program see link below, it is all the way down at the bottom middle of the screen page. It's supposed to run on Free Quicktime Player and Quicktime pro as well. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. It's more than this solution. Get answers and train to solve all your tech problems - anytime, anywhere. Try it for free Edge Out The Competition for your dream job with proven skills and certifications.

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Microsoft Applications. Debbie Fierst. Don Kiely. Business Communication. IT Administration. The most important variances between different containers are not only the codecs that they support, but their other supplemental features, such as the inclusion of subtitles or the division of your video file into individual chapters. For many reasons, the best video file container for you will depend on the particular goals and standards that the project at hand requires.

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When it comes to video formats, one size definitely does NOT fit all. What kind of computer hardware and software are you using?

Are you planning to distribute your video file online or through a physical medium? If so, how? Your answers to these and similar questions can drastically alter the kind of container and codec you should want use. A venerable digital video workhorse from Microsoft, AVI files used to absolutely dominate the video container market.

Both AVI and WMV produce less compression than competing formats, meaning that they offer improved video quality but take up more space on your computer. Other drawbacks include an inability to select aspect ratios manually, which can be quite exasperating for some users. Although MOV was designed explicitly to save feature-length movies, both it and QT have been known to contain a diverse array of video content. In fact, these two file extensions are commonly saved together.

Both formats employ a multimedia container file that can be separated into a variety of tracks.

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MKV matroska format Derived from the word Russian word which references a specific type of cylindrical nesting dolls , matroska MKV is an extremely popular container for many reasons. First and foremost, it is a free and open source. Secondly, it offers a plethora of extra features. And, last but not least, it leaves the MOV and QT formats in the dust by supporting nearly every codec under the sun. Although this format offers lower definition and fewer features than the MKV format, it is widely supported by a variety of the most popular digital devices on the market including the Xbox and top-selling Apple items such as the iPad and Apple TV.

AVCHD advanced video coding, high definition The result of a collaboration between Panasonic and Sony, these video files were designed explicitly for digital camcorders. Perfect for people who are shooting their own footage using consumer equipment, this format allows you to store hours of video using precious little data without significantly sacrificing visual quality.

AVCHD has long come in both standard definition and high definition variations. Flash is divided into two distinct formats. FLV files are typically small and can be downloaded quite readily.

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The dominant format for displaying animated vector graphics online, SWF an acronym for Shockwave Flash is actually a Flash movie and it can be viewed as a Flash animation file. Although they are widespread when it comes to streaming videos on the internet, Flash formats are not supported by iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, which can present major problems for Apple users. Start your free day trial today! She writes to teach the world about the ways of video monetization. SVOD stands for Subscription Video On Demand - a streaming service type that allows you to access an entire library of videos for a small subscription fee.

This may be charged daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Learn more Videos files can be very large—and that can be a problem for uploading and hosting. Unless you need the highest resolution possible, making video files smaller is better for everyone. How do you easily reduce the size of a video?

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