Sony bridge for mac error

Check cable condition. Check for damages or breakages. Restart computer.

How To Fix Common Sony Xperia Z1 Problems and Errors [Part 3]

It would take just a minute or less to do this. Reboot phone. Change USB connection mode.

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Use popular file transfer tools. There are tools you can use to help you transfer files from your phone to your computer and vice versa. The following are the most recommended tools by Sony. Media Go — still for Windows but has a good proven record. Sony Bridge for Mac — use this if you have problems connecting your phone to your Mac computer. Have you, by any chance, encountered this problem with your phone? Share with us your experience by leaving a short comment below. You could also share with us the troubleshooting procedures you did that may have fixed the problem.

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Having the same problem here…and other problems.. Cannot transfer pics to pc. Worked 1 year ago but decided to stop working.

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  • For macOS (High Sierra) Users | SONY.
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  • One sure fix will be to ensure I never buy another Sony ever again! Can I still transfer photos to my PC through the cable?

    Part 2. How to Transfer Sony Photos and Videos to Mac

    I am trying to transfer music to my Z5 — there is one song one the new album which the pc will not transfer to the phone no matter what I do with the file — even giving it its own playlist or adding to other random playlists. I am transferring from iTunes using xperia companion music transfer application and I am going bananas! I have the compact Z5. For macOS Update procedure 1. Downloading and running the System Software Updater. Close all other application software before running the update. Prevent your computer from going into Sleep mode.

    Note Do not connect the camera and the computer yet. If they are already connected, disconnect them for now.

    Xperia™ - Bridge for Mac

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    • For macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) Users.
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    • How to Transfer Files from Sony to Mac/Macbook(Sony Xperia XZ Premium included).
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      Sony Bridge for Mac, a perfect example of second-system effect #fail!

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