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Will Chief Architect software work on a Mac computer?

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System Requirements:. Dedicated Video Card with MB memory, e.

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Integrated Graphics, e. Create professional residential construction drawings for permits, subcontractors and clients. Instant materials lists and schedules give you the information you need to quickly cost out your jobs.

How to download & Activate Chief Architect Premier X8, X9 & X10 free

Chief Architect has a powerful CAD software engine that includes tools for lines, polylines, splines, arcs and solids to produce objects that range from custom entry columns to a deck ledger detail. Quickly manipulate objects with multiple copy, align, reflect and replicate at specific intervals. All views in your project - Floor Plans, Framing, Electrical, Section Details and Elevations have a user defined scale and link to a specific drawing that updates as your design changes. Layers control what displays for each of the drawing pages to help create professional detailed construction drawings.

See our sample construction drawings. Create site plans for single or multiple lots.

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  6. Import terrain survey data or create with the Terrain Modeling tools - terrain data can then be used for a 2D site plan or viewed in 3D to show the specific topology. Road, Sidewalk, Hill and Valley tools provide added detail. For Landscaping, there's over 4, plants with detailed information about each plant including integrated Hardiness Zone Maps.