Printing labels in word 2004 for mac

Open Pages and create a new document. Click the "View" menu option in the Pages window and select "New Inspector. Set the table inspector window next to the document inspector window.

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The inspector windows contain your table and document settings. Uncheck the "Header" and "Footer" boxes in the Document window to disable header and footer options.

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Locate your Avery labels' measurements on the back of their sheet. Copy the top, bottom and side margins into the Document Margins fields in the Document Inspector.

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Click the "Insert" menu option in the Pages window and select "Table Menu. Adjust the amount of Body Rows to match the amount of your label's rows.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

Repeat for the amount of columns on your labels. Adjust the Column Width in the Table Inspector to match the label width on your labels. Adjust the Row Height in the Table Inspector to match the label height listed on your labels.

How to Do a Mail Merge & Labels Using Word 2011 on mac computer

Uncheck the "Automatically resize to fit contents" box in the Table Inspector so Pages does not automatically resize your tables if you type too much text. Click on each table and fill out your labels. Readjust your table's height and width as needed. Select your whole document by clicking the "Edit" menu option at the top of the Pages window and choosing "Select All. Load your labels into your printer, and then save and print your document.

I'm running OS X "Yosemite" Failing all else, hints on how to start programming this sort of thing would be appreciated.

Word for Mac: Making Labels by Merging from Excel - dummies

Not sure this will help but I went through a similar experience when trying to print labels. Pages doesn't offer this option, wouldn't work through open office and Avery online labels kept deleting pages. Super frustrated. So I ended up going to my contacts and it has a option under print. There is a mailing labels or envelope option.

Hope this helps: Nice try by the way, that is not snark--it's easily the best built-in envelope-printing solution I've seen on the Mac , but: I don't want to have to add an address to my contacts every time I print one. I find Contacts' interface clunky e. It completely ruined an envelope I sent through using the recommended settings.

How to Set Up Avery Labels Using Pages

As far as I can see, it didn't even try to add the barcodes. The current version of Pages will happily print envelopes to my printer including using the special envelop feed and paper path by creating a new blank landscape document and changing the paper size to "Envelope 10" in Page Setup. Use the "floppy disk" icon to download a PNG version of the barcode. EasyEnvelopes has been around since OSX was first released.