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However, while today's date in System Preferences reads "September 22, ", in the corresponding MS Word Date and Time window shown in bigjoshua's original post , it still reads "September 22, 11".

Add the date and time as you type

When using autotext to complete the date, Word has been dropping 20 from the year. In my case, it was going on before upgrading to Office Thanks again for trying. Thanks for clarifying that - I missed it the first time as well.

Use a date format from a different country

Mine's doing the same thing. I'll forward a request to our MS tech manager and see if we can get some guidance on it. I'll let you know if I find out anything. Thanks, chscag. It just started happening one day when I was writing a letter with the date at the top and expected the normal "" to be added with the date after typing the month.

I had not made any changes in my options, preferences, customizations, etc.

How to Change the Date Format on a Mac: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

I was using MS Word for Mac at the time. It has continued to be a problem since upgrading. The latest: According to MS, it will be addressed in a future service pack or update; whatever that means Also promised are versions and save versions for Lion compatibility. As a note, I just downloaded and installed an update for Office today but it appears to only be a small security patch, nothing major.

ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Word, how do I put a date on my document?

I told him we needed a solution in 30 days. We'll see how well that flies. Still no update to this over 3 months later. It doesn't follow system preferences and seems only to be a Lion issue since it works fine for me on Snow Leopard and follows Macs default settings. To have Word automatically update the date and time when you open or print the document, select the Update automatically check box. For example, if today's date is January 1, type Janu for January.

Word displays the current month in a ScreenTip. This works only for months that are six letters and longer. See the note below for additional information on months whose names are less than six letters.

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To automatically insert today's date for a month whose name is less than six letters long, for example, May or June, type the entire month name followed by a space, and then press RETURN. If you do check "Update Automatically" it will update when you print if you have the setting under printer options as "Update Fields" which is the default. You can manually force an update by putting your insertion point in the date and pressing the [F9] key. Using the options here, you can either pick a format or type your own characters called a picture for the format.

The options for the type of date include: Always today although it may not show on screen as today until you update the field. If you choose options, they can include the following " pictures: If you don't like the pictures you are offered, pick the one that is closest to what you want and then modify it in the Insert Field dialog box or in the codes themselves using Toggle Field Codes. You can also break a date into multiple fields. This can be done to use special formatting or if you use the F11 key next field for manually editing.

Static date

Examples of the former reason: Remember that fields in headers and footers don't get updated quite as predictably. For more on "pictures" and formatting dates see: Fields Switches. He and Macropod show how to do superscripted ordinals, i.

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Here is a variation of one of Macropod's fields; go to the original document to copy this as a field. The paired braces shown are matched by color.