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Welcome on Brush King: PS brushes: Hand Drawn Pattern 4 10 brushes Kb. Guan's brushes 2. Kaos Brush Set 2. Brushes - Paint Splashes 12 brushes 5 Kb. Dividers Classic - brushes 25 brushes 15Kb. Shattered Glass Brushes 1 brushes 96Kb. Watercolor 93 93 brushes 6 Kb. The Magical Snowflakes 15 brushes 1 Kb. Smoky 1 brushes 2 Kb. Crown Brushes 10 brushes Kb. Skin Textures Brushes 13 brushes Kb. Paint Lines brushes 24 brushes 12 Kb. Blood Marks brushes 20 brushes 37 Kb. Floral Circle 1 5 brushes Kb.

Free Faded Splatters 10 brushes 4 Kb. Facebook Contest: We give in exclusivity here 3 yearly subscriptions on Azigos: These Photoshop brushes are high-resolution and richly grungy. A pack of 12 brushes from grungy shapes, clouds, and an additional 5 optical flares. These are free to use in any kind of project. Based upon the stars of the heavens, this set is designed to bring violent destruction upon the use of other sets. Before using these brushes do read the terms of use and further instructions. The package contains 15 different brushes made of different wall pictures.

You will find cracks, scratches and dirty brushes. Smudge brushes that can be used in almost any kind of design. These are free to download without the need to credit the creator. An array of good quality Photoshop CS3 brushes with different elements of industry like chimnies, metalic structures and engines etc — all absolutely free to use. Drawing water waves all from scratch is quite a hectic task. Instead, you can use these water waves brushes to save time and give a cool effect. A great substitute for creating snow effect manually. Ideal for flyers, banners, cards, art.

This is an amazing set of 21 Photoshop brushes with surreal elements like moon, fairy, angel wings and feather etc. Beautifully line-drawn brushes set of 11 free brushes. These brushes include leaves, flowers, branches, ideal to create any invitation or wedding card. Create an ancient map or maybe illustration for a storybook with these cartography brushes that give a nice hand-sketched look. The set includes map lines, ancient language and geographical elements like mountains and trees etc.

Wow your clients with these amazing and mysterious owl-feather brushes. Can be used for making bookmarks or just a surreal design. Your Christmas, New Year or Winter season designs always have something to do with snowflakes. And what better way to create magical snowflakes than this set of 15 PS brushes. Spring summer designs are never complete without trees and grass. Use this set of high-quality trees and grass silhouettes brushes that are totally custimizable. A pack of 15 Photoshop brushes free for both commercial and non-commercial use. You can apply them to create clouds or a cloudy background on any kind of design.

You can easily add any color to them and use them in your designs. High-quality raindrops and raining effect brushes. These are free to use and ideal for weather websites or apps, or wherever suitable. These are abstract brushes inspired by the Aurora lights, however with a modern touch. Most used among the nature-inspired designs, these are 12 brushes representing feathers and birds.

A beautiful flower brushes set with a variety of different flowers. A set of 3 large brushes of night sky space dust, stars, moon scenes, etc.

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Use them to create cool flyers, brochures, wallpapers and even twitter backgrounds. Designed by WebDesignerLab, these 12 Photoshop fireworks brushes are best suited for New year celebration-themed design projects. Abstract crystal shape Photoshop brushes, designed using Photoshop CS3 and should work for anything above. These can be used in just about any design. A huge set of over 50 brushes with light effect or Attractors Effect. All of these brushes are over px in size. The set contains five high-resolution Photoshop brushes representing flowers of different designs. These are hi-res Photoshop brushes of smoke.

All of these brushes are free to use for commercial and non-commercial projects. Lightning brush pack contains 18 high-quality Photoshop brushes for creating lightning or thunderstorm effect to any kind of artwork. Here are 8 hand-drawn photoshop brushes of different halos or circular designs. These brushes are ideal for designing wedding or invitation cards or as a random design element.

A set of premium summer brushes that includes summer elements like butterflies, swirls, trees and other floral elements. A set of edgy techno brushes with abstract shapes. The author has tried to jump out of his comfort zone and create a fresh set of brushes. Here is yet another set of 6 totally high-res star brushes that can be downloaded and used for free. Want to create a hyper-realistic moon, half moon or maybe full?

Try among this set of high quality moon brushes. With this set of smokey fire Photoshop brushes, you will be getting a huge pack of 50 brushes and they all are compatible with PS 7 and up! Another set of brushes in this list by Titi Montaya. Want to add electrifying lightening effects in your artwork? You must try among this set of high-quality lightning brushes and patterns. Add lovely frosty effect to your Winter or Christmas artwork with these frosty edges brushes that are totally free to download.

A comprehensive set of space and planets brushes. The set contains hi-res space elements like falling stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies etc. Awesome Photoshop brushes to bring in the 4th of July or similar celebration effect. The pack contains 10 detailed firework explosion brushes. Sea life is always difficult to draw but when you have such jellyfish brushes it becomes piece of cake.

Create beautiful butterfly wings with this interesting set. Through these are created on CS 2, however, you can also get PS7 brushes as well. A set of 12 abstract pixel brushes for Photoshop. Give your designs a spring, summer or floral look with these butterflies with flower brushes set. Here are 12 demolished cracks brushes compatible with PS 7 and up. You can use this to draw cracked wall or any other surface.

A set of 11 abstract glow lines brushes made with Photoshop 7. These brushes are high-quality and absolutely free for use.

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Yet another set of moon brushes in this list. These are 45 huge, medium and small moon brushes for PS7 and above. Ideal for giving your designs Halloween and other scarry or old effect, these 15 spider web brushes are best to save your time and effort. Create colorful cactuses and succulents with these cactuses plants brushes.

These brushes have hand-drawn watercolor effect. Tropical animals, birds, fish and plants drawn with watercolor effect. Create crazy wild creatures with this set of 4 amazing Photoshop brushes. You can use them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. A huge collection of 93 watercolor effect brushes free for personal and commercial use.

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The brushes are suitably spaced so you get a constant texture. This set includes 7 splatter type Photoshop brushes that can be used in almost any kind of design. Created using either watercolor paints or Indian ink on card, here is a pack of 8 high quality free brushes. A pack of 32 high-quality splatter brushes created with watercolor paint on cold press that can work with PS 7 or above. This is a set of abstract brushes in geometrical shapes ideal to create logos and corporate designs. A se of 12 strings and bubbles brushes set. These are high resolution that makes it a bit slower to download.

These brushes are compatible with PS7 and above. A cool pack of 10 hand-painted watercolour brushes. These are great for creating interesting backgrounds or decorating your work. These include globs of paint, ink drops, watercolor droplets and brushstrokes, acrylic brushstrokes, and various other artistic media shapes. If you want to paint a picture by using PS brushes only, this set of 36 brushes can give you all the variety you want.

It has standard round brushes, smudge brushes, strokes, lines, and clouds etc. Create rough and grungy kind of textures with this collection of strokes and fan brushes. The brushes work in CS 3 and can be used to create wall background or textures etc. Watercolor brushes come in handy for all different kinds of projects, especially with paper textures. Here are 25 high-quality watercolor Photoshop brushes preset free to download and use. Give awesome paint strokes effect with these 13 hi-res Photoshop brushes.

With these you can create grunge, textured and brush strokes background. Designed by John Schill, this is a beautiful watercolor brushes set. You can use all 7 of these brushes for commercial and non-commercial projects.

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A cool pack of 10 brushes for your grungy, hooligan-look designs. You can create walls or funky backgrounds or wallpapers with these paint dripping down brushes. These cool brushes have been created using actual paint markers. Use them for any design project for free. Here is a set of 32 brushes that can work with CS2 to Photoshop 7.

Water color splatter have great application in funky desings and print marketing material. A huge collection of 41 high-resolution watercolor effects brushes compatible with CS7 and above. As the name suggests these are some of the most insanely creative watercolor brushes.

The set has different watercolor paint splashes.

Photoshop Tutorial : How to Free Download & Install New Brushes (All Versions CC, cs6/5/4/3/2, 7.0)

A set of 28 ink and watercolor brushes. Thes set has been created using Pelikan Watercolors, table salt, and Higgins India ink etc.

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Free to use the author, however, requires credit. This is a set of 14 high-resolution paint effect brushes that have been created using acrylic paint. Free to use for commercial and non-commercial projects. These are ideal for techno as well as surreal designs. This set contains 8 brushes, including 2 different sized leaves, 1 astral rose, 1 astral flowerbud, 1 astral butterfly, and some whispy, starspangled curves.

Quickly and easily create natural-looking pencil sketches, without the pencil. The brush uses both pen pressure and tilt to create a very natural feel and look. Bokeh is one of the best background types for any kind of design. Want a quick and easy way to add bokeh to your images? Download these seamless bokeh textures that are high resolution and free to use. Ideal for magazine artists and fashion graphic designers, here are 8 extreme faux lashes brushes also a set of 8 flipped brushes so they can be easily used for both eyes.

Special brushes for different types of hair including bangs, braids, wavy, straight, curly, ponytails etc. Here are 10 high-quality free bokeh brushes for Photoshop. However, please make sure to read the terms of use before applying these brushes. admin