How to install two dropbox accounts on mac

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This means that if a user has multiple accounts there is no official way to synchronise all Dropbox accounts under one personal computing device user account. Nevertheless, it is fairly easy and simple to activate two or more Dropbox accounts either on Windows or on Mac OS. In the following paragraphs there are step-by-step guides to activate a second Dropbox account on both Windows and Mac.

On a Mac this is fairly easy and straightforward.

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It includes only the creation of a very simple application using the Automator app included in the system. Once the Automator launches, select the creation of a new application and write a single line of code in a Run Shell Script type of automation. The process is shown in the following figures.

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  7. Once the application is launched it will require the user to login and select the folders to synchronise. Attention should be paid in the final step where the user needs to specifically define the target folder for the synchronisation. If this step is skipped then the default folder will be selected and will overwrite any other existing synchronisation folder possibly from the first Dropbox account.

    How To Run Multiple Dropbox Accounts On Your Mac

    Activating a second Dropbox account on Windows is slightly more complex, since it needs the addition of another Windows user. Ok, first things first: Right click on the Start icon and select Computer management. Right click on the empty space in the users console and select New User… Define the new user name and password and after that right click on the new user to change the user group that user belongs. The settings are shown in the following figures.

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