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Updated January 20, To use Handoff, you need the following things: An Apple Watch optional, but it works with Handoff, too. Bluetooth enabled on both devices. Both devices signed into the same iCloud account using the same Apple ID.

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  • On both devices, enable Bluetooth. Begin by launching the Mail app on your iPhone Tap the new mail icon in the bottom right corner. Start writing the email. Fill out as much of the email as you want: To, Subject, Body, etc.

    Cannot switch FaceTime call to iPhone after initiating it on my Mac - Ask Different

    When you're ready to hand the email off to your Mac, go to your Mac and look at the Dock. At the far left end of the Dock, you'll see the Mail app icon with an iPhone icon on it. If you hover over it, it reads "Mail From iPhone. Your Mac's Mail app launches and the email you were writing on your iPhone will load there, ready to be completed and sent.

    Launch the Maps app on your Mac and get directions to an address.

    How-To: Use Continuity Camera In macOS Mojave & iOS 12

    Open the multitasking view by double-clicking the Home button or swiping up from the bottom of the screen on iPhones that don't have a Home button. In both cases you have the chance to share either the iMovie project as a whole timelines and elements and all , or the finished movie generated from your assembled clips, which will be exported if you choose this option. Toggle the Personal Hotspot option on to make the connection available. Click the wi-fi symbol on the menu bar on your Mac, choose the iPhone entry, and the rest happens automatically.

    If your iPhone was on wi-fi, it gets disabled, so your phone falls back to a cellular connection.

    macOS Sierra: Pick up where you left off with Handoff

    Choose Disconnect from iPhone from the wi-fi drop-down to end the tethering. You can also connect via Bluetooth or via a cabled connection. Picking up your phone to answer a call is old fashioned nowadays—you can use your Mac instead, as long as both devices are on the same wi-fi network. Head to your Mac, open FaceTime, and you might get automatically prompted to allow calls from your iPhone.

    If not, open the FaceTime menu and choose Preferences.

    How to Seamlessly Switch Cellular Calls Between iPhone, iPad and Mac

    Check the box marked Calls From iPhone. Making calls from FaceTime on macOS is easy—just enter a name, email address, or phone number into the search box at the top to find the person you want to call. You can also get busy text messaging on your Mac: That is, sending and receiving standards SMSes, as well as iMessages that sync automatically between Mac and iPhone nowadays.

    With that done, open up Messages on macOS, and you can compose new texts to any contact and continue threads.

    Use Handoff

    Open a site in Safari on your iPhone, or a location in Apple Maps, or start an email in Mail—switch to your Mac, bring up the dock, and you should see an app icon with a small phone symbol next to it, to the far left of the row. Click this to carry on with whatever you were doing on macOS.

    Do you want the Handoff feature to work with FaceTime and iPhone voice calls?

    The Handoff app should appear at the bottom. Finally, there is AirDrop , the super-simple way of moving files between devices made by Apple. You need to get it set up first: