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My argument is that it has done this since 11 months old, now about 5, and I have almost never been able to use it during that time. They deny they have ever heard anything like this, yet I can find it all over Internet forums. I need a computer. Even 3 of our 5 iPhones do the same thing. Then I happened upon this article; lots of similarities to the problems I was encountering with this very specific iMac model. I replaced the Power Supply about 3 weeks ago, and haven't had one shutdown since.

Word of caution: I had this problem and lived with it for about 3 months - I had the power supply replaced and it corrected the problem. Dodged an expensive bullet there. Show 13 more comments. Yes, it is working. But looks good so far! Show 15 more comments. Since this is a basic first step to resolve power issues, I would imagine that the Apple techs have reset the SMC, but if not try this.

I once had a similar problem with an iBook, many years ago. Resetting the SMC would work for a period of time and then the powering off would happen again. Thanks for the tip. The very first guy who looked at it in VT said the same. I though taking it to Apple would be best, oops. I do still have a problem because i cant reset the SMC. My Mac, when trying to power on he has the black screen and makes just one 1 second of that opening noise but then it stops. If try it again it even doesnt make the sound and shuts down instantly.

I tried to unplug the mac to restart the SMC but it has no effect. Need help.

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My iMac was shutting down like in OP's description. I'll report back if that fixed the problem, to help others. They couldn't replicate the problem but gave me another machine. Same thing. There is obviously a problem with it. Why won't Apply acknowledge? I had the same issue with my iMac 27" late model, random shut down, pull the power cord, wait, plug back in, runs fine or a while, repeat every few days until it became daily. I replaced the power supply board and it's all good Only a few days so far with no problems for a REAL proof, but it was shutting down daily.

I think the fact that I had to unplug after every shut down to be able to restart was a solid clue that it wasn't a software issue. Maybe that is what kills the board? Just mentioning it here in case that turns out to be a common clue as well. Yes, you want a 3 pronged outlet which is correctly wired. I would also get a good surge suppressor or better a UPS!

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Yeah my problem was uncovered after I realized that in my year old house, my three pronged outlet was actually just wired up without a ground wire. Check your outlets especially in older homes! I have the very same issue. And the partial solution is the same too - power off the mac, remove the cord, wait a bit and start up.

MacBook Pro Shuts down randomly

I've standard EU outlet though with proper ground. What is weird is that this issue occurs during summer season, so when the temperature in the room is higher. I was suspecting that mac is maybe overheating. I checked the logs and was not able to find anything pointing out to the overheating though.

Actually, it seems the shutdown is very sudden leaving osx without any chance to write anything. I started having this issue last year. I opened up my mac, cleaned up, checked all the components but didn't find anything obvious. I've decided not to use the adhesive strips on display but rather used the duct tape. I actually like the look ; And as I also had to repair the crappy stand I think it's best to be able to open it any time. New PSU seems a bit pricey for this old machine. I'd like to know where the problem is but as it takes time for problem to show and it's hard to reproduce I guess there's not much else to do..

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I hope you fixed your homes wiring too! If you have missing or a bad ground that will damage the power supply. And use surge suppressors for your system and peripherals.

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Leonard leonardstanley. After speaking to an IT guy who was having the same problem, I replaced the power cord and am no longer having problems. I also turn my iMac off at night and disconnect it from the outlet. I am having the same problem. I immediately thought it was the power supply and took it to get it replaced. The geniuses could not replicate the problem and told me nothing was wrong. I brought it home. Communities Contact Support.

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    What to Do When Your Mac Keeps Shutting Down

    I opened it I don't shut it down and it was off. I thought maybe the battery was dead and I didn't charge it. So, when I put my MacBook in the charger and click the on button it went on for 5 sec and then turned off. Then when I logged in it shuts off again.

    I've tried for several times to turn it back on sometimes it didn't even turn on and sometimes it turns on and then it shuts off again after seconds. I went to a computer store but they didn't know what was going on the guy said that he couldn't find anything weird in my MacBook software yes of course when the guy looked at it it worked. Until it suddenly shuts down and I was like: All he said was: So another thing: I'm traveling and need my MacBook for my work I'm a colorist and work in the film industry I need it everyday.

    Maybe something important: I replaced it, cost me lots of money, and then after 2 months it was loose I haven't fixed it yet, been more than one month now. I can move my display up and down for at least 1cm. I can also detach the black bar underneath the display from the display, think this used to be glued together. Sometimes my MacBook doesn't shut off completely and the fans start making extreme noises. It's like my MacBook is frozen. I've turned it on again and clicked the D that broth me to some sort of check. It said: I just started the petition "Apple: Apple Macbook Random Shutdown Syndrome" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    My goal is to reach signatures and I need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:. Hey Ruan. Just signed on for Real Mac Mods. I highly recommend you add a goal or mission for your petition. You lay out the issue well, but what do you want your signatures to accomplish?

    Fix MacBook Pro Shuts Down Randomly Error – EaseUS

    Follow the steps here: In reply to the past comments about random shutdowns with MacBook Pro late , I also have this experience and I think I have solved it, at least on my MacBook. My MacBook Pro experiences this random shutdown, and has been for many months, however only in High Sierra.

    I also boot camp into windows this shutdown does not occur when in Windows in Bootcamp. I erased the entire drive and installed El Capitan and I have not had a random shutdown since then. Get this out to everyone cause I can't afford a new logic board and need my laptop for work! Thanks everyone. Show 3 more comments. Nick meilmut. Here are the steps:. Solution has been taken from one of the forums. That's personally helped me with my mid14 macbook pro Retina I have the same issue with random "silent" shutdowns. Mac randomly turned off with the screen on, fans started to work at max level.

    Few repair services tried to diagnose the problem but unsuccessfully. All the times diagnostics showed "all is ok, maybe battery". I have replaced the battery but issue was still there. In the 4th repair service engineer found out the issue with voltage: The only possible solution as I was said by the service is to replace the motherboard. However, macbook was working perfectly when I connected external monitor.

    I have started to search through the forums and finally found people with the same problems and solution was found here: Another possible solution is to use the python script which you could also find by the link at the top. If I understand properly, it generates some specific load which keeps voltage at normal level.